Professionals In Transition--



 Professionals in Transition - Job Search Guerrilla Tactics - Part I   Tactics that can help you find employment.

 Professionals in Transition - Job Search Guerrilla Tactics - Part II  Tactics that can help you find employment.


 Facts And Myths When Looking For A Job  The facts and myths are when looking for employment...

 Facing Age Discrimination At Work  Age discrimination in the workforce.

 Job Fairs Helping Land Jobs?   The usefulness of job fairs and what to do after they are over...

 Job Hunting Tips For The Holiday Season   How the holidays can offer more opportunities when it comes to job hunting.

 Summer Job Search   Summer vacation time and how you can and should continue the job search...

 Signs You Could Lose Your Job   The warning signals that you could mean your job is on the chopping block.

 Are Job Fairs Really Worth It?   Damian Birkel, answers the question, "Is it really worth it to attend local job fairs?"

 Job Security Signals   Red flags that may show signs of job security...

 How To Stay Ahead Of Other Job Seekers   Why job hunting in the hot summer months can give job seekers an edge...

 Networking Can Help You Find Employment   The need to network to help find employment...

 Social Networking Could Hurt Job Hunters   How social networking can hurt your chances of getting a job.

 What New Discrimination Law Means To Job Search?  Damian Birkel talks about discrimination...

 Job Expert Explains Unemployment Overpayments  Advice to the thousands of jobless NC residents who received a letter....

 Expert Offers Job Fair Advice   Advice on attending job fairs.
 Unemployed? 6 Ways To Reduce Stress   Six tips to reducing stress while searching for a job.

 How To Stand Out At Job Fairs   Advice on how to stand out at job fairs.

 Making Your Job Search Work For You   Things you can do today to change your job search...

 Program Helps Unemployed Pay Mortgage   Foreclosure Prevention program.

 Professionals In Transition: Answering Questions   Questions from job searching to foreclosure...

 Are Business Cards Important For Finding A Job?

 Preparing For Job Fair Interviews

 Crank Up Networking to Find A Job

 8 Myths About Finding Work

 How To Shine At Job Fairs   #1 Quality Employers Look for at Job Fairs.

 Coping With Job Loss During the Holidays

 Stock Market's Effect on the Job Market   With Arthur Mondale and Damian Birkel

 Career Expert Offers Unique Perspective on Job Success

 3 Steps for Family Stability During Unemployment   Create a sense of stability during uncertain times.

 Unemployment Benefits    Extended emergency unemployment benefits and what you need to do to get those benefits...


 How To Beef Up Your Resume

 The Hidden Job Market


 Dangerous Job Interview Questions Answered   Those hard questions and the answers you should give at a job interview...


 Answering Questions


 Making Your Job Search Work For You


 How To Prepare For Job Loss





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