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The building blocks of every network, large or small, are one-on-one informational interviews - or what most PIT members describe as the "fun part of unemployment." Unlike actual job interviews, which can be difficult to garner and often result in disappointment, informational interviews always lead to success.

You may find that some informational interviews are more worthwhile than others, and you may stumble and make your share of mistakes along the way. But you'll never walk away from an informational interview empty-handed . Every informational interview teaches you something you can use in your job hunt and brings you a step closer to reemployment.

Since informational interviews are easy "wins" for most job hunters, I believe these meetings are more than worth all the time and energy you put into them. After all, you can't make too many friends in the working world or garner too many supporters. If your job search feels "stuck," you never have to sit back and wait for the phone to ring. You always have the option of arranging an informational interview and talking to another professional that can give you new insights and perspective.

While informational interviews typically account for up to eighty percent of your working time while you're seeking reemployment, there's no "right" number of informational interviews for every job seeker. I've seen some PIT members garner all they information they need after just three or four meetings. Others continue the networking process over a period of months with thirty or forty informational interviews.

Even if you know only a handful of potential contacts at the outset, don't worry; it only takes two or three good informational interviews to propel you through the networking process. Contacts beget contacts. In fact, most PIT members find that, as they move closer to a job offer, the informational interviewing process speeds up. They find themselves meeting with a greater number of decision-makers in a shorter time frame because, suddenly, they're "in the loop." And that, in a nutshell, is what informational interviews are all about.

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