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To effectively move through the re-employment process, you must be proactive and positive. Today's working environment demands a strong sense of urgency, absolute follow through and an acquired ability to anticipate and respond to needs. It's your job to mobilize your plan and make it happen. In the beginning it may be difficult and each day a struggle, but you have a responsibility to your family and yourself. No one wants to hire a loser. The right attitude will help you further your goals and move through the re-employment process quicker. The right attitude will help you further your goals; and the wrong one will keep you in limbo.

What is a winning Attitude?

Attitude is defined in the dictionary as: "a state of readiness to respond in a characteristic way to stimulus." But it is really much more than that. Proverbs 23.7 describes attitude as: "a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." Earl Nightingale (one of my personal hero's) once said about attitude: "You are, at this moment the sum total of your thoughts up to this point in your life," and "We become what we think about." Your personal attitude will determine the ultimate success of your job campaign. If you are angry with your former employer, or have a negative attitude, it will show. Studies have shown that the hiring process is over 90% emotional. In other words, if I like you, I may hire you. If you are perceived as being hostile, negative or carrying significant emotional baggage, it will send a mixed message that can significantly hinder your job campaign efforts.

How do you establish a winning attitude?

Daily practice. When I was out of work I put on my dresser a sign that said "Attitude" to remind me that I was responsible for my daily attitude. I also made a sign for my daily planner and office that are still there today. Your personal attitude is the foundation that the road to re-employment is built on. Attitude sets the stage for success, and is apparent in your voice, posture and presence.

Like your job campaign, you are in charge of your attitude. You become what you think about. If you know yourself, abilities and talents it will reflect in your attitude. Because you have taken the time to create a personal job plan, your daily efforts will have focus and clarity. Your campaign now has purpose and clarity. As a result of following your plan, you will find that an expectant, winning attitude will develop.

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