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When all else fails, you can engage a labor attorney who will advocate for your rights. And while you can always consult with a lawyer any time during the termination process for advice, when you officially bring an attorney into your leave-taking to advocate for your rights, you immediately change the dynamics of the situation. You might get a better deal, but the chances of parting on good terms with your employer may be reduced. That said, there are still times when you need legal representation. When your employer is denying you the benefits you're entitled to under the law, when you feel you've been discriminated against, or when you've been wrongly terminated, it's time to sacrifice your relationship with your employer and call in a hired legal gun to do your bidding and protect your rights.

Seeking legal assistance will mean investing time and money, but in exchange, you'll get:

  • Perspective - You'll learn from an uninvolved professional what you can realistically negotiate from your former employer.
  • Peace of Mind - If your severance agreement is fair and appropriate, no further action may need to be taken. You'll be able to sign the severance agreement (and thereby relinquish all legal recourse) or develop a renegotiation strategy.
  • Guidance - On appropriate next steps.
Finally, a labor attorney can also help you level the playing field; at a time when you're overwhelmed by emotions, you'd do well to have a clear-thinking professional on your side. So how do you find the right labor attorney for your needs? You can:
  • Check with your state bar association.
  • Find out who your companies legal counsel is and go to their competitor.
  • Ask friends and acquaintances for their recommendations.
Being a "nice guy" is not appropriate when your company's treatment of you violates the law. It pays to facilitate your settlement with the help of a legal advocate.

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