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While your employer would probably like to see you leave as soon as possible, depending on the circumstances, you sometimes can create your own timetable, and negotiate for a limited amount of time to get your affairs in order. This will allow you to remain on the payroll a bit longer, and it will also buy you time to contemplate your next career move.

  • One way to delay your exit date is to explain that it will take a certain amount of days or weeks to finish whatever project you're working on, to hand off your duties to coworkers, or (as painful as it would be) to train your successor.
  • Even if you can't talk your employer into extending your tenure at the company, you might not have to clean out your desk and leave in the presence of colleagues and coworkers. Instead, you can request permission to pack up your belongings on an appointed evening, weekend, or any time when you'd be least likely to run into other employees.
  • You, in turn, might agree to let a security guard or a manager accompany you to make sure you take only the items that rightfully belong to you.

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