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Your spouse and children's immediate grief will in many cases be less intense than yours. Unemployment will create ups and downs in their lives, just as it will in yours. But it's you, not your family, who have been cast out from the working world.

  • Your professional routine has been shattered.
  • You, not your family, will have to redefine and reengineer your career identity.
  • Since you're the one who's unemployed, you're the one in control of the reemployment process, and you're able to call all the shots.
Although your spouse, children, and other relatives can commiserate with you, they're experiencing your job loss "second hand."
  • They're experiencing sudden upheaval and uncertainty in their lives but, unlike you, their daily routine, and over-all identities have not been violated.
  • Because they're on the periphery of your job loss, they may also feel a sense of helplessness.
  • Remember, family members can only watch from the sidelines of the job search battle and provide support.
  • They may become frustrated for you, as you encounter the daily frustrations and the continuous process of trial and error during the re-employment process.
Job search dead ends and mistakes are a part of the Neanderthal process of finding a job, and it's never easy for you or your family to tolerate. Knowing this at the beginning of the process can go along way to helping everyone in the family cope.

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