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NC Department of Commerce Dislocated Workers Toolkit

This is the North Carolina Dislocated Worker Transitional Tool Kit, an informational guide to assist you during your transition from employment to re-employment.

The kit includes:

  • Initial tools that can help you build bridges to organizations
  • Internet sites that provide valuable information and/or services to dislocated workers
  • Tools to assist you in your job search efforts.

With this kit, you can quickly access web-based information by following the embedded hyperlinks. Hyperlinks will appear in blue and are underlined. These hyperlinks will either take you to a different place within this tool kit or they will take you to an external website by opening a separate window.

Employment & Training

Job Seeking Skills

Job Search

Job Transitioning

Health Insurance Resources

Self-Employment Resources


Age 55 and Older

If you are new to the Internet and Internet job searching, below is some additional information to assist you with these before we continue.

What is the Internet, and how do I use it?

The Internet is a virtual library packed with useful information. No one owns the Internet, making it practically impossible to govern or secure every site. So along with the helpful information, keep in mind that some content may appear inappropriate to some users.

When you access the Internet through a Personal Computer (PC), a device called a modem will dial and connect to the network. (It’s like using the telephone to dial a friend). The network connection that the modem makes is delivered by an Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Some examples of ISPs include:

These providers usually offer extra services besides Internet usage. These services may include email, stock quotes, entertainment, news, etc.

Costs vary among service providers, so you may want to research your area for local ISPs that offer reasonable rates. Local ISPs sometimes offer lower cost, no-frills access to the Internet.

Once you have connected to your ISP, you may begin to connect to other sites by typing a specific Internet address. You can type a specific address ( in the Location or Address window of your browser’s toolbar. You may also type the address by going to File and then Open or Open Page.

The server should dial and connect you to that site. If you are unable to connect to the site, the server of that site may be "down" or otherwise not in use. If the problem persists, you may need to contact your network administrator who oversees connections between your server and other servers.

Rather than using a specific Internet address, you may want to "surf" the worldwide Web (www). Surfing the Web simply means the user chooses a search engine and provides a key word or phrase that describes the information for which they are interested in receiving. The user can choose a search engine by selecting Search or Net Search at your toolbar.

Some examples of search engines include:

· Google

· Excite

· Lycos

· Looksmart


· Yahoo

Search engines will locate all sites that contain the word or phrase that you have provided. You may need to separately search two or three search engines before finding the information that you have requested. You may also choose a site like Dogpile that simultaneously searches all the major search engines.

Utilizing quotations when providing a search engine with a keyword ("green") or phrase ("shades of green") will narrow your search. Using coordinating conjunctions such as "and" and "or" will narrow your search further.

For example, if you wanted to find information on mixing colors to form the color green, you may want to ask the search engine to find all sites containing the words ("green and shades of green"). If you wanted to narrow further, you could request that the search engine find all sites containing the words ("green or blue and yellow").

Internet Job Searching Frequently Asked Questions

Internet Job Searching Frequently Asked Questions

Why use the Internet?

Job seekers can utilize the Internet to:

  • Search for job vacancies
  • Complete on-line employment applications
  • Join professional associations
  • Add resumes to sites frequented by employers
  • Receive labor market information
  • Research companies/organizations
  • Network through email, chat rooms or Listservs.

Additional tools on how to incorporate the Internet into your job search are available at the Riley Guide. Margaret Dikel, formerly Margaret Riley, is a librarian and author who pioneered the introduction of the Internet to job seekers.

If I do not own a PC, where can I get Internet access?

JobLink Career Centers

North Carolina's public libraries offer job seekers limited or unlimited Internet usage. Most university or community college libraries or career centers will have a resource room for students to utilize the Internet for free.

If I am using someone else's PC, how can I email?

You do not want to correspond with an employer or electronically send your resume to a company through a friend’s email account. This will only confuse potential employers. If you do not have your own email account -- get one. You may subscribe to a free email account through the Internet.

Should I be cautious of sending personal information over the Internet?

Yes, you should exercise good judgment when sending confidential information over the Internet. Another user can possibly view any information that is being sent or downloaded from the Internet. Unless the site you are sending the information to has built-in security, which is sometimes referred to as a firewall, avoid sending confidential information to an unprotected site. The following website provides more information on Internet fraud.

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